Massage is the third precept of Traditional Chinese Medicine and is very important in general health maintenance. There are four highly qualified massage therapists at Acupuncture Anywhere and Massage Center and Dr. Huie encourages patients to enjoy massage regularly.

Martha offers Continuing Education Units (CEU) classes for massage therapists in Chinese meridian theory. This enhanced knowledge in massage technique allows for significant and immediate results in the reduction of pain and better therapeutic outcomes for their clients. These massage methods are effective on their own and can also be easily incorporated with other massage techniques. Dr. Huie’s classes are energetic, hands-on, and provide an effective way to treat specific pain from a whole-body perspective. You will leave the class with new skills that you can use the next day!

Upcoming Classes

Due to Covid19, classes will be rescheduled. We will post new dates here and on our Facebook Page acupunctureanywhere as soon as they are announced. We look forward to seeing you in person!

Classes are offered at the Sarasota School of Massage Therapy.

“Everything I expected and more… these methods are amazing! I can’t wait to add them to my sessions!”

“Very knowledgeable, great teacher, went off road to deal with real time issues present today with students! That is amazing!”  

“Easy to understand the material. Instructor was great at explaining material if I needed help.” 

“I came for one class but now I want to take the whole series!”

“Dr. Huie’s class provided interesting and helpful information”

“I can actually use this in my practice!”

“You taught me good ways to achieve the results and save my thumbs!”