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Herbs and foods in Chinese medical practice are viewed energetically, that is, in terms of their influence on the body’s energy field. The diet must be aligned with the energetics of the prescribed herbs; otherwise, the foods eaten may slow the herbal preparations’ beneficial effects. Conversely, a diet in harmony with the herbal therapy will enhance the herbs’ healing powers. The Chinese healer recognizes that what we eat can either protect and rebalance our bodies or pollute our systems. Diet is a remedy of prime importance. Chinese food therapy is a sophisticated system that recognizes different human constitutional types and evaluates foods according to their therapeutic properties.

>Herbal therapies are prepared and prescribed in several different ways to treat a variety of conditions. Traditionally, raw herbs are used in brewed teas. Recently capsules, tablets and granules have become more popular, though they can have a less immediate result. A variety of herbal remedies are available in stores but not all companies produce a comparable product. Always consult a TCM physician to be sure a formula is suitable for you.

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